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Before sending us a message via the contact form, do not hesitate to read the information below answering most of the questions you may have.

If you want to contact me, Pascal 06 58 97 84 46

Frequently Asked Questions :


What are the arrival and departure times ?

Arrival in the apartment is scheduled between 6:00 pm and 9:00 pm and departure must be made by 11:00 am.
It is however possible to arrive after 9pm for a late arrival fee of 20€.
If you wish to arrive before 6pm, please let us know and we will tell you if we can arrange it.


Is there a rental contract ?

Yes, it will be given to you when you arrive in the apartment. You will have to sign it in duplicate, one of which will be able to keep.


Is it necessary to pay a deposit ?

No, because at the moment of the reservation the amount of the rent is cashed. The totality of your payment will be refunded in case of cancellation at least 20 days before the beginning of your stay.


Will I receive an invoice ?

Yes, an invoice will be sent to you by e-mail the day after your arrival.


Cancellation of the rental

In case of cancellation less than 20 days before your scheduled arrival, no refund will be made.


What floor is the apartment on ?

You will find this information on the page of the apartment you are interested in.


Are pets allowed ?

We really appreciate pets but unfortunately they are not allowed in the apartment for hygienic reasons.


Is smoking allowed in the apartment ?

It is strictly forbidden to smoke in the apartment. The apartment is equipped with a smoke detector. If we find out that you have smoked despite the ban, the entire deposit will be withheld.


Who to contact in case of a problem ?

You will find this information in the welcome booklet that will be sent to you before your arrival in the apartment.


What is the capacity of the apartment ?

Please consult the page of the apartment you are interested in, this information is mentioned there.


Is bathroom linen provided ?

Yes, we provide bel linen, bathroom linen and tea towels .


Do we have to clean the apartment ?

A cleaning package is included in the rental price so that you will find a clean apartment on your arrival.
However, the tenant is asked to return the apartment in the state in which you found with, the dishes done, wiped and put away, the floor clean, the rubbish bags removed …
A cleaning supplement of 30 euros will be charged if the points above mentioned are not respected and it is necessary to do more than one and half hour of cleaning to return the apartment to the state of cleanliness in which  you found it.


Where can I park ?

There are several free public parking lots in the city . You will find a map of these parking lots at the bottom of the page of the apartment you are interested in.